It was the best of times…

First I must thank hcted, my son, for getting my blog up and running. I had tried several times but made mistakes, couldn’t get my posts to appear, etc.

A word of warning, this blog may contain TMI, gnashing of teeth, and the occasional expression of happiness.

My household consists of myself, hubby, son 16, and daughter 11. Also very important, my poodle Pierre and our dachshund Maddie. Maddie is a typical doxie, thinks she’s a rottweiler. My poodle is afraid of, well, everything but especially the doxie!

Between us, we humans have a good dozen or so diagnosis between us. One of mine is pulmonary hypertension, a terminal disease that keeps me gasping for air quite often.

We are a bit offbeat, and quite busy. Especially now that DS is getting older he always has a place to go.

My posts will probably come in spurts, as I have the energy to write.

Feel free to comment, positive or negative!


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