A little background…

As I will be your narrator for the duration, I should probably give you a little insight.

I grew up in a medium sized town in southeastern Pennsylvania. I was an only child and my dad worked while mom stayed home. We never had money but never did without. I didn’t know how dysfunctional my family was until many years later.

I had the typical childhood for kids of my generation – out running around the neighborhood until dark with my friends, never in any real trouble. It was one of those places where every adult carried equal weight as your own parent.

I married young and stupid the first time, to a mean abusive guy. I got two amazing kids from it tho.

I spent the next decade raising those two as a single parent while working and getting first my GED then a BS and finally my M.Ed.

Not long after I met my current husband (more on that later). That’s when I guess I finally pissed my mom off more than she could bear (a whole post on her later too) and she said “we don’t care what you do, you’re not ours anyway”.

That is how I rather unceremoniously learned at age 31 that I was adopted.

Hubby and I then had a baby of our own, who is now 16! We had both been told before we met that we couldn’t have kids so it was quite a surprise. We also have a daughter who we adopted. She is my oldest daughter’s child, she is bipolar and couldn’t handle a baby. She is now 11 and while we don’t broadcast it she understands how she came to be here.

That’s how our family came to be!


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