My Mother

My mother. Where to begin… I have very few memories from before I was 10 or so, which angers her, she feels I am purposefully forgetting.

The woman I’ve spent my life calling mom is in fact my adoptive mom. I found this out the day I married my second (current) husband, when she told me “we don’t care what you do, you’re not ours anyway”! Yes she always spoke for my adad ( adoptive dad).

She also swears I’ve known since childhood that I was adopted. Except I called my cousin who is 20 years my senior and he knew I didn’t know.

I eventually found my biofamily but that’s another story!

My dad and I were very close and I think my mom was jealous of that. He took me on errands and talked to me a lot. When I was real young maybe mine or ten he’d let me have the first sip of his beer if I went and got the can lol. He was an alcoholic but when I got older I realized what he was trying to escape.

My mom was physically abusive to him. I remember calling the cops one night when she knocked him unconcious with my baton, which she also broke!

So I married at 17 to get away from all that. I guess my mom’s neighbors all marked their calendars bc when I hadn’t had a baby until well after our first anniversary they finally asked why I married so young!

That marriage didn’t last, but I had two beautiful kids who are now almost 29 and 30!

My mother and I still have an uneasy relationship, I haven’t seen her since moving to Texas in 1998 and that is for the best. She was damaging to me in a lot of ways. It has taken me all this time to come into my own.

Here I am!


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