Breathing, Part II

I wound up back in the hospital in late August for breathing trouble. This time they kept me 5 days and did lots of tests- VQ scan for clots, pft’s, chest X-ray and echocardiogram. I was told all the tests were fine and that my ejection fraction on the echo was fine.

Finally in November my gp decided it was time I see a pulmonologist at last.

I saw her in January, 2009. She walks in, sits down, and asks how long I’ve had pulmonary hypertension. I said I don’t know, you tell me!

Apparently my echo from August clearly showed elevated systolic in my pulmonary artery. I got a copy of the report and it clearly states pulmonary hypertension evident!

My problem now is here we are two and a half years and a new pulmonologist later and still my only treatment has been supplemental oxygen. I’ve gotten worse, I can clearly feel it. So now I’m on the hunt for another pulmonary doctor!

Pulmonary hypertension is an incurable, progressive disease that ends in death. It isn’t measured with a cuff on your arm, only by echo or catheterization. There are currently some treatments that slow it’s progress but nothing to reverse or cure it.

Because it is so rare not much money is in research. That is sad. Then I think about the millions poured into diabetes research and how far that hasn’t gotten us.


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  1. nancy Russell

    I take adcirca and it has helped a lot

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