My endocrinologist and why I hate him

Today was my quarterly visit to my endocrinologist. He is the doctor who supposedly “treats” me for my diabetes. I hate him.

Let me tell you why. I don’t blame him for my ill health or my high sugars, only for the high blood pressure readings I ONLY get at his office…

Dr. McAdams is frustrated I believe, in my diabetes not responding well to treatment. So he calls me a liar. Tells me I can’t possibly be taken this much insulin, I’m skipping days, skipping doses, etc. A few years ago he said if I lost 100 lbs my sugars would come way down. I lost 90 and they didn’t budge. He wouldn’t even give me credit for losing weight, he said it was from high blood sugar. Yeah, if that were true I’d be about 90 lbs total!

Today was more of the same. My sugars are up but as I explained to him my family doc is doing bloodwork for an infection. He doesn’t care.

I take A LOT of insulin. 540 units a DAY… And my sugar right now is over 300… I also have developed antibodies to insulin which make it more difficult to control.

But he just walks out of the room, pissed at me. I guess the drive home in his Mercedes is some comfort.


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