The diagnoses of my life

It’s beginning to seem my lifea is one medical issue after another!

Growing up I had migraines and asthma, as well as a bum knee courtesy of a car accident. Otherwise i was generally healthy. The asthma wasn’t even bad – I just had to avoid dust and allergens.

The last time I was pregnant I developed gestational diabetes, and about a year to the day I developed diabetes type II. Honestly, I took my pill in the morning and forgot about it.

The long-term diabetes has since caused me to suffer many neuropathies which have interfered with my life.

If you read my blog you know i was diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension awhile back. This has caused me a lot of problems, including needing oxygen constantly.

I had sepsis and bacterial endocarditis last January and was in ICU for a week!

Recently my doc took blood (this new doc is a total vampire) and apparently there is a big problem because I need to see a hematologist. Mostly what they deal with are cancers of the blood, so once again I am concerned and worried.

I am running out of space on my emergency bracelet for more diagnoses….


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