The house without a soul

When we bought our house 9 years ago I felt it was the right move. It was the right price, the right size, and in a decent neighborhood.

Unfortunately the house next door to us to the east has been a constant source of problems for us.

When we first moved in the tenants in that house had a busy little bit and two smaller girls. One day I was home from work, sick, laying on the couch sleeping. I awaken to find the bit from next door breaking in through my dog door, breaking it in the process. He had already single-handedly destroyed the fence between our yards. They moved soon after.

My husband rounded up the pickets and pretty much rebuilt our fence.

The next tenants had dogs. Two big ones. I had two tiny ones. Their dogs were constantly digging under our fence. One night I heard sounds, her Rottweiler was in my back yard, tearing it up.

I called animal control because the neighbor wasn’t home.

The next day she called the police on ME, claiming I stole her dog LOL

She soon moved and the new people moved in. I saw them selling weed at the mailbox but frankly wasn’t inclined to get involved. Then I started seeing huge metal canisters and all kinds of weird stuff in their backyard.

I called the cops and was informed the guy who manages the property for the out of state owners is a drug dealer well known to them.

Two weeks later I’m backing out of my garage to go to work and the SWAT team waves me back inside. I see at least 10 men escorted out of the house, and a huge cache of weapons. They had a meth lab going.

This isn’t even the worst…

New people move in. Husband, wife, kids. Ok. He’s a biker. Supposedly for Christ. They are constantly blocking the sidewalk and my driveway with cars and bikes, lots of parties.

Now he’s easily over 6 ft and works as a tree trimmer. He’s strong. I’m 5’4 and can use a cane for short distances but use a power chair.

It’s Friday night, I’m just off work and it’s going to be another weekend of him trashing my yard, blocking my drive, etc. So I get out and yell at him. It turns into a screaming match, during which I never leave my yard. He comes and grabs my cane and throws it on his yard. My family brings me my chair and I call the police. He was very threatening to me.

The police come, biker has all his friends who weren’t there before pull up and tell the cops I beat him up!! I get arrested.

Fortunately the detective on the case sees how ridiculous it is and tells the guy if he presses it, one lie and he’ll prosecute him for perjury. The guy is already a felon. So it’s all dropped, but not before I nearly die in jail (24 hours and they refused me all meds, including insulin and seizure meds) and have to report to a bail bondsman.

They moved. Later he ran into my husband at the store and said he was sorry. Too little too late Heath Dean! Both you and that rogue cop are on my never to forgive/forget list.

I still live in this house. I bought a new fence. I never call the cops.


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