Doctor’s offices

I moved to Texas in 1998, and at that time my medical needs were fairly limited. I saw a doctor once a year or so and took one pill a day pretty much for my diabetes.

We moved to Lubbock in 2000 and over the years my need for medical care has risen exponentially. In many cases, however, my needs are not being met.

Back home (Pennsylvania, Philadelphia region) access to medical care was unfettered. Your doctor’s office was open at 7am until often past 10pm, plus long hours on the weekends.

This is not the case in Lubbock. It’s a rare office that has weekend hours at all, and weekdays are generally 9am to 5pm, although on a Friday you’ll often find the doc gone before lunch.

In addition, they must have a special training facility for their staff – mostly front desk people. This training teaches them to be surly, leave patients on the phone on hold forever (ie the cardiologist office left me holding for 11 minutes), and to insulate the doc from providing patient care.

That cardiologist above? After the 11 minute wait I explained I couldn’t make my appt bc my pipes froze. I called back a few hours later and was told as a no call no show they would not reschedule me. Then my GP office calls and says the cardio office claimed I cursed them out. Seriously?!

I had a doc who kicked me off his service bc he couldn’t solve/cure what ailed me. Mind you, I was on the phone with their office in tears from the problem when they said find someone else.

If you’ve read my blog, you know my endo does nothing but call me a liar. Then he hides the truth from me about my condition but that’s okay?

Unfortunately things don’t improve when you are in the hospital. Mistakes, misdiagnosis, even had a doc say I was wasting their time and money!!

If I had the ability I would move away from here sooo fast! I even get harassed about bills. I have an awesome Medicare Advantage plan but my docs keep trying to overcharge me!

My only solace I guess is after I die here due to more medical mismanagement my family will have grounds to sue…


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