Doctor’s Questionnaires

Anyone who has seen a doctor for the first time knows the drill – forms and questionnaires to fill out.

But it’s the questions that bother me. The ones they don’t ask.

I was lucky enough to see a wonderful guy today, Dr. Quick. If there was something horrible wrong with me I’d want him to be in charge of my care.

Dr. Quick is a hematologist, which is really code for blood oncologist. Because if you have a blood infection you see an infectious disease specialist.

So the appointment was already scary. Then the questionnaire. It asks the usual stuff, past surgeries, do you drink or smoke, etc. Luckily I get to skip the page on family history since I’m adopted.

Then the form spends ALOT of time asking about living wills and advanced directives. Do you have them, who is in charge, can we have a copy, etc.

What these forms don’t tell the doctor is who you are, what is your proudest moment, what do you still hope to accomplish in your life. Not even how you feel about your current situation. Or what your situation is. On the edge of homelessness? Depressed? Scared?

These are all important facts to know about the patient when determining treatment. We are people, not milligrams or titered doses…


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