Haunted House

We bought our house about 9 years ago, the house was built in the mid-1970’s. It is a perfect fit for our family, and includes a bonus room we call the front room. It could be used as a parlor, den, or as we currently do, an office.

Being 30+ years old the house has seen it’s share of DIY projects, some more successful than others.

Every house has it’s issues, for some it’s water seepage, for others maybe odd room shapes. Our house has electrical issues.

Not long after we moved in power to the front room was cut off. We lived with extension cords until hubby went up in the attic and rejoined two wires :shudder:

About three years ago the power to the whole house started cutting off, typically during times of high use like dinner. We kept flipping the switch outside to cut it back on.

I finally tired of it and hired an electrician. Turns out we were a switch or two away from burning the house down! But he fixed it and we’re fine.

Now we have two touchlamps, one in the bedroom and one in the living room. We also have a breakfront with lights.

I was laying in bed one evening trying to nap and the touchlamp went on. I touched it to off and made sure nothing was close to it. Two minutes later it comes back on, on high! My husband has recently had the same experience.

I sleep in the living room and awoke the middle of the night to find the touchlamp in here on. I turned it off on my way to the bathroom and it was on again when I returned. Hubby unplugged it the next day.

Friday night hubby and I are watching tv in the living room and the light on the breakfront turns on. He gets up and turns it off but it’s back on before he gets to his seat. He finally gets to sit and on it goes again. As he leans forward to get up it turns off. When he relaxes back it comes back on high!

It has gotten so that the only lights we use are in the ceiling fans!

So is this a ghost that’s afraid of the dark, or some electrical anomaly…


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