Hot, hotter, hottest!

I’ve been absent for a little bit, but for good reason. My air conditioning died last week! One night it started making funny sounds and before I could call anyone the next morning it was dead.

Luckily I have a home warranty I bought a few years ago that keeps paying for itself over and over. $41.xx a month and a $60 fee to the service tech and whatever is wrong is fixed or replaced. Got a brand new water heater 4 years ago, new elements this year.

So I call and tell them it’s urgent. I have medical conditions that are exacerbated by heat. The first company comes out and says it’s the motor and it’s our fault for not changing the filters. This isn’t true. Because of my breathing issues we buy top quality filters and change them monthly.

I called the warranty people and they were told by the first company that we had no filters in at all!!! So they sent a second company but it was late in the day on day three. He replaced the motor no problem.

It took at least 12 hours to cool the house from 94 to 74!

This whole time I had 2 ceiling fans and 3 small fans blowing on me all the time.

Also the heat brought out some funky smell in the house. We never did find the source but it was nasty…

Just glad to be cool again!


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