Return to school

School starts in just 3 weeks in this part of the country. Right after the shadows start to get longer and the evenings get slightly cooler.

I will admit I like when school starts, because after about 12 weeks of summer we all get on one another’s last nerve! The kids wake up nothing but hateful to one another and by dinner I’m ready for them to be in bed.

The return of school has some downsides. There’s the 10pm Sunday night rush for poster board (which I now keep on hand), and the science projects…I especially enjoyed the catapult we had to build over Thanksgiving break. We ended up with no marshmallows for the sweet potatoes and a fat dachshund!

If there are any teachers reading this – that teacher got no Christmas gift. Homework, especially projects requiring my help, should not be assigned on holidays!

It is also unnervingly quiet when the kids are at school. The house is so silent it is almost unbearable.

The final straw is mornings!! I am religiously opposed to them but must get up with the kids every day. It is pure torture, moreso now that both kids leave at the same time, sharing a bathroom. I set up a schedule but no one follows it. I think they prefer to fight it out 😉

Let’s not forget PTA meetings, ugh! We do not want to listen while you praise Donna on her cupcakes and Lisa on the phone chain. Why? Because every week you ask US, the rest of the parents, to send in or do something you later take credit for! I will not join, and I’d rather just buy my kids class a pizza party than deal with you. Blackmail is illegal!

Speaking of blackmail, teachers who offer A’s to students who bring in X (paper towels, batteries, baby wipes) for your personal consumption should be fired! I will be after you this year…

This year should be interesting. One in 7th and one in 11th. Terrifying!


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