Frugal living

When my husband and I met most people didn’t give us much of a chance because we had so little in common.

He liked sports cars, I preferred the comfort class; he was blue collar and I was white collar; he liked white meat and I prefer dark. But we had one thing in common for sure; frugality!

This frugal nature has brought us through many setbacks. We both took a packed lunch for work, and on the rare occasion we’d hit the drive-thru we ate off the dollar menu. We even share drinks when we’re both healthy!

We always shopped together, making a list then finding where the best deals were. This went for food, clothes, you name it. We also stuck pretty firm to a rule of only eating out for Saturday night dinners. Even then we try to go early to get specials, eat off the starters menu, or be sure to have a coupon!!

This has permeated every aspect of our lives. We haven’t had a car payment in 17 years! We only buy cars for cash on hand. Back in December 2008 when the economy was in the toilet we bought a 2005 Vibe for $6,000 out the door. This past February we sold the Vibe. For $6,000! Aside from gas, oil changes and state inspection, we didn’t put a dime into that car.

Also Ken does all our oil changes, minor repairs, and detailing 😉

This is just part of how we were able to live in my income alone and now on just my social security and some unemployment hubby is getting.

We’ve never been to Starbucks and our kids eat healthy, home-cooked meals six nights a week. Appalling I know…


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