What is luck?

I know that I am lucky in many ways. I am lucky to have met and married DH, he has been like a rock, stepping in to help me with anything I needed.

I am lucky to have my two youngest at home, they do so much for me, mostly just by being there!

I am lucky to have kept my house, through six months of neither of us working and the last year of DH being unemployed.

But when people who don’t know me well, or at all, tell me I’m lucky it’s very odd.

I used to run into a guy in the elevator occasionally who worked in my building for another company. He would often tell me I’m so lucky because I don’t have to walk all day, I have my powerchair. Oh yeah, lucky me.

Finally one day he stepped in the elevator and I said “you’re so lucky” and he asked why. I said you can get stuff from a top or bottom shelf without needing help, you don’t have to worry if there’s a ramp so you can get in where you’re going, and you don’t get decubitus ulcers from sitting in one spot all day. I never saw him again. Maybe he took the stairs, it was only three stories!

I’ve had a lot of older people lean on the back if my chair like it’s a park bench. I tell them to get off and they say I’m so lucky because I’m always taking a break. Really?! I worked two years sitting in that chair. And I will quite likely not live to be 60+, even 50+ is a shaky maybe.

Odds are good I will never know what it’s like for all my kids to be grown. Right now I have my sights set on seeing Mr16 graduate high school. Then Ms12 will start high school.

So yeah, I’m lucky. Just not how you think.


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