Grammar, spelling and social media

Has social media wreaked havoc on our grammar and spelling skills?

Because social media and text messaging require a limited number of characters in which to phrase your thoughts and comments, a whole new world of abbreviations and shortcuts have taken hold. What happens though when someone accustomed to texting or Tweeting finds themselves with the real world challenge of writing a business letter?

To me this feels like that movie where people could travel back in time so long as they touched or changed nothing. Someone accidentally killed a butterfly and when they returned to current time they found that all spelling and grammar had changed.

Are we on a slippery slope where apostrophes disappear altogether because no one can remember their proper use? Where for the efficiency of it words like “you” and “are” will be spelled “u” and “r”?

While 140 characters seems limiting, one can properly state a thought in such space. << Here I've done it in only 83. If you have expansive thoughts, break them up across multiple posts. There is no reason not to.

Perhaps it is just a pipe dream, but I'd hate to see our language skills decrease further.


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