It’s a Miracle! Or is it?

You’ve heard it over and over again, it’s a miracle. But is it, really?

The newscaster comes on in front of a burned out house. “As you can see this home burned to the ground today. Miraculously the family of four all escaped unscathed”. Was it a miracle? Or was it really a family who took time to keep batteries in the smoke detectors and do the drills practicing monthly to get out of the house in under 3 minutes? Maybe instead of a miracle it was a family that was conscientious and dedicated to survival.

A young man learns to walk again after a tragic fall. His neurosurgeon and physical therapists pulled out all the stops and the young man did the hard painful work it took. Many would say it’s a miracle. Probably not the people who dedicate their lives to researching and learning what works.

My husband accidentally bought the big box of frozen chicken which he realized after he opened it. Our son shows up with company for dinner. It’s not a miracle it’s serendipity at best.

I have seen things others might call miraculous. Usually they were far more a combination of dumb luck and hard work.

The next time you are tempted to say “its a miracle” take a moment and consider what went into it.


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