I’m glad we live here…

No my account hasn’t been hacked, and I do still hate Lubbock with every fiber of my being, for me. I hate that shopping is so limited, that it’s a two hour ride just to get somewhere else just like here, and five hours to civilization.

I hate that I have to buy my canned tomatoes by the case off the Internet. I hate that we have a so-called “international” airport but family from Philadelphia must fly puddle jumpers to and from DFW to get to Lubbock,

I hate small town life.

But, everything I hate about this place for me is nothing compared to what I love about it for my kids.

We’ve been here since my 11th grader started kindergarten and his baby sister was a baby. Now she’s in 7th grade.

By and large I’ve been happy with the schools. They’ve done right by my kids, helped when it was needed. The parts of the curriculum I find lacking I supplement myself.

I like the experiences they are getting, that closeness and camaraderie they feel. The memories they have that will last a lifetime.

Small town Christmas parades, 4th of July picnics and vacations you are happy to come home from.

In a very short time our son will be done high school and off to college, expanding his horizons. I can’t wait for him to see what’s out there, beyond these little houses with their little fences.

Four years later our daughter will be taking that path, heading where her interests take her.

I may leave, or I may stay. Only time will tell.


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