I’ve just returned home from my 7th hospital stay since July 2008. This doesn’t include an ER visit where I wasn’t admitted.

Hospitals are a great place if you are acutely ill. You suddenly awake in agonizing pain, you fall and maybe broke a bone, can’t catch your breath.

They do a pretty decent job in the ER of getting you evaluated, tested, and even starting treatment at times.

If you need further acute care, as I just did, getting admitted to the hospital gets you cared for quickly.

I happened to need a little surgery, had to beat down a severe infection first. When you’re feeling that ill all the in and out, lights on at 4am, isn’t a big hassle, you want to be better, fast.

Even after surgery, those first 12 hours are good to have skilled care.

After that it’s all about recovery and recuperation, none of which will happen in the hospital!

You need relaxing, uninterrupted sleep. If the sound of your neighbors nurse call going on every 10 minutes doesn’t prevent it, then the frequent bright light wake up calls for vitals (please just listen, you’ll hear me breathing!) and the 5am X-ray trips will.

I still don’t know why my tests like X-rays always have to happen at 5am? They should reserve that time for acute patients, I’ll be here all day!

True recovery doesn’t start until you get home. You sleep better, eat better, and aren’t constantly worried your underwear is showing!!

I am lucky, my urologist agrees with me. I was released less than 24 hours after surgery. And I feel better already!


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  1. First off, I had no idea you were a blogger. Also, I am glad that all went well! Need my coupon buddy to be healthy 😉

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