A little levity

The following is a true story. Even I can laugh now 😉

Our family is from Pennsylvania and we used to live in Bucks County. They had a big waterpark there called Sesame Place, based on all the Sesame Street characters.

Our son was receiving early intervention services from the Intermediate Unit there, and every year they gave all the families a set of 4 passes for a day at the park before the official opening of the season. The year our son was 3 we went but could do very little because it was a cold, misty day. Sesame Place felt bad and gave us all a free day in season which is where this starts.

It was my husband and I, our 3 year old son, and my 16 year old daughter. The kids had fun on lots of climbing equipment, mesh bridges, etc. As it got hot we decided to try some water features.

Our son wanted to go down the super long water slide that is a giant tube, but this one lacked a cover. We decided hubby would stay with the stroller and cooler. So I had my daughter first, son second, then me.

As we are climbing this incredibly high platform the speakers bellow out “do not ride if you are pregnant, have back problems, have heart problems, or if you are obese”. Ok so I was somewhat overweight but people way bigger than me were climbing up.

I get up there and when it’s my turn to sit down the water feels like its really pounding my back. I should point out here I was wearing my 3 year old hot pink maternity bathing suit that looked good on a tan, frightening on pasty indoor skin!

Finally I get the go ahead to push off. I *fly* down that shoot, seems fast but it’s my first time. As I bank into the first turn, a left, I feel my body being pushed up by the water, my butt is going over the top of the ride and I see tree branches coming at me. Then I see my life flash before my eyes! I’m going to fly off!! Luckily I come back down just in time to SPEED past my son.

The next thing I hear is “Oh shit!” which I later found out was the guy at the bottom who helps you land. All he saw was a hot pink fireball blast by him!

I landed, butt first, about halfway across the pool at the bottom. I hit so hard my sunglasses landed about 100 yards away in a totally separate attraction 😉

I finally manage to climb out and as we are walking back my son says “again mommy?” and I said no, never again!!

I never wore that bathing suit again and have since lost a lot of weight, but just seeing similar rides still terrifies me!


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