Time is Flying!

Our son Andrew is 17. He is on the precipice of life. One year of high school left, then the world lay out before him.

He’s always been a determined kid. Never stubborn, just determined. Whether it was learning how to ride a two-wheeler ~ which he did in under an hour ~ or learning how to tie sneakers, which took considerably longer, once he put his mind to it he accomplished it.

The years in elementary school were sometimes tough. When we finally got the Aspergers diagnosis it was actually a relief.

The transition to middle school was easy for him. He joined the band, playing tuba starting in 6th grade.

Middle school was a fast three years and suddenly he’s a high schooler! Now in the marching band still playing the tuba.

Along the way he developed a great sense of humor and he and I banter back and forth often. Sometimes it just takes one word and we’re off! Tonight that word was tootsie roll 😉

Now he has taken the SAT, he has his plan set for what he wants to do with his life, even has his first choice college picked out. He works part-time plus a full load at school and he builds computer games on the side. I don’t know what side!!

Our time together is becoming less and less as he gets busier with activities and finds time to spend with his friends. It is how it is supposed to be, yet it is still bittersweet.

His first choice college is 300 miles away so next year he may be moving out which will be hard.

I admire him greatly. I admire his hard work and determination in gaining control of some detrimental aspects of his Aspergers. I admire his focus and responsibility, how he’s never broken my trust in him in all these years.

He is on his way to doing great things.


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